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Big changes in our lives begin with small shifts in our state of mind.


The Next Ten Minutes contains a set of simple yet powerful exercises which will transform your state of mind by directing your full awareness to the habits and routines of your everyday life.

The seeds of change are embedded within the most ordinary routines of daily life. These exercises will help you see how, when you bring your full attention to these routines, daily life can become an act of meditation.

The present moment is within reach.

The Next Ten Minutes will help you seize it.







Praise for The Next Ten Minutes

“I’m a big fan of the ten minute focus (hey, we’re all busy!) and Andrew Peterson has mastered it. In this clear, engaging, inspiring book he shows us just how much we can learn, accomplish, and understand in our ordinary lives, in just ten minutes. I feel more zen just opening it.”

Patti Digh, author of Life is a Verb: 37 Days to Wake Up, Be Mindful, and Live Intentionally

“Andrew Peterson, a self-admittedly restless mind with a penchant for long runs, has just the trip itinerary: a wealth of wildly-exotic, mind-blowing, scene-changing, awareness-building, and habit-modifying 10 minute long walkabouts. Richly creative, compassionately narrated, and brilliantly processed, each unique experiential exercise is a spoke on a wheel designed to bring you back to a grounding sense of self.”

Pavel G. Somov, PhD, author of Eating the Moment, Present Perfect, and The Lotus Effect


“On those days when a stiff martini or a good run won’t do the trick, dip into this wise, thoughtful little book and learn to slow your pace, reorient your mind, and discover the abundance in your everyday life.”

Cathi Hanauer, author of Sweet Ruin, My Sister’s Bones, and editor of The Bitch in the House

“Like yoga for your mind, Andrew Peterson’s simple but profound thought experiments may just change your life. I’ll be practicing these mental calisthenics for a long time to come.”

Jessica Berger Gross, author of enLIGHTened: How I Lost 40 Pounds with a Yoga Mat, Fresh Pineapples, and a Beagle Pointer

“A spoonful of humor—and a few simple exercises—help the wisdom go down, and Andrew Peterson uses an expert hand and gentle humor to remind us that every moment offers the potential for transformation.”

Meredith Maran, author of My Lie

The Next Ten Minutes is a substantial yet simple antidote to our usual pulsating and mind-numbing twenty-first century lives.”

John Sommers-Flanagan, Ph.D., author of Becoming an Ethical Helping Professional

“Only an exceptional psychotherapist like Dr. Andrew Peterson who is grounded deeply in his personal and professional experience could guide us confidently and safely through a deceptively simple 10 minute portal into a profoundly new state of consciousness!”

Kate Cremer-Vogel MS, LCPC, coauthor of What Every Adoptive Parent Needs to Know


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